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We are so confident that we are better than all other penny auctions here is our competitors advertisments:

Welcome to Bidito
The newest way to shop.

We refer to it as competitive bidding, but you may know it as reverse auctions or penny auctions. If you are new to Bidito read our "how it works" to understand the process.
Good luck and happy bidding!


              Reverse Bidding Auctions start at a very low price(usually $0.00), then climb by a small increment with each bid. You can buy bids for as little as $0.25 per bid, win them in an auction, or invite friends and other ways to receive free bids. Once an auction has reached a certain price, the auction will be closed to anyone who has not placed at least 1 bid, allowing the people that have bid on the item a better chance at winning.
              Maximum Price is the highest an item's price will reach. Once an item reaches this price, or a few cents below, each bid will not raise the price any further(this is to keep our prices low).
              Beginner Auctions are auctions only users that have not won an auction can bid on. This gives our new members a greater chance of winning there first auction.
              When time gets below 60 seconds each bid will increase the time of the auction by 15 seconds. When the time says pending we are checking to see if there is any last second bidders, if there are last second bidders then the time will increase and the auction will continue. If there isn't any last second bidders, then you will see that the auction will say sold. If you are the winner, then you can go to the MyBidito page to finish paying for your item.
               If you lose in a reverse auction you can always buy the item upto 24 hours after the auction ends and as long as the quantity is above 1. There is a 10% buy now fee and the bids you use will go as credit toward your purchase at $0.25/bid.
              Free Auctions are very similar to regular auctions that you may have seen on other auction sites with 1 main difference, if a person bids at the last second we increase the time. This way you will not fill cheated by last second bidders. There is no fee associated with placing a bid(your bid count remains the same), but you are commited to buy the item if you win the auction.
              You can now change your items to Paypal Credit!
There is not any shipping charge with Paypal Credit, but there will be Paypal Charges. See Paypal Charges Here. Note, Before you can receive the Paypal Credit you must give us your Paypal email! To do this all you have to do is click the sell an item link under the My Bidito tab, enter your paypal address and register. If you are not from the USA we can still give you Paypal Credit!
               Please check the "How It Works" page for more information, and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or difficulties. Goodluck and Happy bidding!
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